Double-Disk Grinding Services

Double-disk grinding services is one of the most sought after and most important offerings you can look for from a metal supply and fabrication company.

Professional double-disk grinding can help save you time and money on your project while delivering materials that meet narrow tolerance thresholds.

We have the experience you need to fabricate your materials to your specifications and your schedule.

Double-Disk Grinding ServicesWhat Is Double-Disk Grinding?

When a material is fed into a double disk grinder, two grinding surfaces on opposite sides of the material contact their respective surfaces at the same time.

The result is that an equal amount of material is removed from both sides of a piece at once.

Double-disk grinding services can bring your project several important benefits.

Benefits Of Double Disk Grinding

  • Speed of completion – Because double-disk grinding removes material from two opposing surfaces on a single pass, this method can be faster than a more traditional single disk approach. When even material removal is necessary, the benefits are compounded as there is not a need to continually measure in an attempt to “even” it out. The grinder removes the same amount from each side at the same time.
  • Lower internal stresses – This even removal of material helps lower internal stresses. With single-disk grinding, the sides alternate having material removed, weakening each unevenly. Double-disk grinding services help make sure you don’t end up with material defects due to these varying stresses.
  • Greater consistency – Double-disk grinding allows for reduced variances from part to part. This enhanced consistency leaves you with a stronger finished project and less fitting time on site.

More Than Just Metal

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