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  • Over 60 shop producers, 20 field positions, and 20 office support staff.
  • Over 75,000 square feet production space in 2 west coast facilities.
  • MSI uses state-of-the-art metal processing equipment to deal with larger bulk projects, medium-sized expedited projects, and smaller custom flairs. Our line of processing equipment, welding machines, and material handling capabilities are incomparable.
  • We operate multiple shifts to ensure continuous work to both shorten lead times and enable the lowest cost most effective work product.

We have all the heavy-duty equipment necessary to move, process, and deliver steel products on time throughout Southern California, including:

  • CNC plate processor Voortman V304 plamsa and oxy-fuel cutting
  • FICEP beam line-a fully automated CNC in-line unit for sawing
  • Marvel 18 – a fully automated CNC in-line unit for sawing, drilling, and coping
  • Marvel 18 – a fully automatic horizontal band saw
  • Doall horizontal bandsaw
  • Armada plate shearer
  • Plasma cutter
  • Marvel 20-inch capacity vertical bandsaw
  • Cincinnati 230T hydraulic press brake
  • Multiple scotchman 120 ton iron workers

Our skilled staff of workers and total comprehension of metal fabrication and structural steel construction are at your disposal. Whatever your next industrial project demands–whether standard or custom-build–MSI has the ability, experience, machinery, and desire to get the job done right. With two plants with over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Southern California, we are ready to pivot to solve your needs.



  • Assess needs


  • Design assist and value engineering
  • Plan and coordinate project phasing
  • Decide schedule of deliverables


  • Drawing production
  • Drawing review and approval



INSTALLATION (Commercial only when requested)

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