Quality MSI Services for Fresno, California

Fresno MSI is a leading design, engineering, and specialist fabrication company, offering services in Fresno, California and other surrounding cities. From supplying structural steel for commercial building projects to design and custom railing for residential projects, we can fabricate any product for all of your precise needs. Our highly-trained team... Read More

Markets Served

Markets Served: COMMERCIAL MSI, Inc. is a full full-service structural steel fabricator and metal distributor for multiple industries including commercial projects. We offer full support to ensure we deliver to your project site the highest quality product, experienced team and dependability. We promote a team atmosphere where everyone is committed... Read More

Commercial Projects

Commercial Steel Fabrication Los Angeles | Full-Service Fabricator & Distributor MSI is your leading metal fabricator and steel supplier for commercial metal fabrication projects. Whether you need project estimates, custom shop drawings or steel product installation, we offer reliable turnkey solutions for commercial steel fabrication Los Angeles. Our hands-on approach... Read More

Steel Fabrication in Los Angeles

About us Mission At MSI Inc. our mission is to lead in innovation as a metal supplier. We want to deliver to our customers the best products and services, period. As metal fabricators, MSI brings its customers nothing short of complete honesty and integrity. We see every customer of every... Read More


Metals MSI Inc.’s 75,000 square foot warehouse in Los Angeles is ready with the type, form, and quantity of steel or aluminum you need. We can cut, shear, roll, edge, or machine metal to your exact requirements, and deliver it exactly when and where you want it. You do not... Read More

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Quality assurance is the process for ensuring quality of process in developing products, and quality control is the process for ensuring the quality of the actual products. MSI Inc. uses state-of-the-art quality assurance and quality control measures, and is certified by the American Institute of... Read More

MSI Inc.

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