Structural Steel

Structural Steel & Structural Shapes Top Structural Steel Suppliers MSI supplies structural steel for a wide range of applications. We provide construction and civil engineering steel materials as well as fabricated products for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Steel can be easily customized and treated for specific uses and is... Read More

Steel Tubing

Steel Tubing Supply in Los Angeles Superior Steel Tubing Services MSI brings you a variety of steel tubing options for specialty applications. Our steel tubing provides a combination of durability, strength and affordability, making it the ideal choice for a wide selection of unique applications in the manufacturing and construction... Read More

Steel Fabricators & Metal Service

MSI Inc. is not like other metal distributors. We are metal fabricators that offer metal processing and quick turnaround time. From our state-of-the-art metal processing equipment to our truck fleets to our skilled and experienced personnel, we want to be the metal supplier that businesses in Southern California turn to... Read More

Stainless Steel Types | Structural Steel Fabricators

Reputable Stainless Steel Fabricator and Supplier MSI is a market leader in providing the highest quality stainless steel products at the most competitive prices in and around Los Angeles, CA. We have different stainless steel types available to suit your needs. Whether you need stainless steel for manufacturing or fabrication... Read More


[cycloneslider id=”products”] MSI Inc.’s 75,000 square foot warehouse in Los Angeles is ready with the type, form, and quantity of steel or aluminum you need. We can cut, shear, roll, edge, or machine metal to your exact requirements, and deliver it exactly when and where you want it. You do... Read More


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MSI Line Card

The MSI Line Card is currently under construction. Please review our print catalog or contact MSI Inc. for more information.... Read More

Metal Fabrication Services

MSI is a steel fabrication company serving California’s manufacturing, construction, and industrial projects with high-quality and custom metal fabrication services. Our facility specializes in all phases of stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum fabrication. From structural steel supply and leading-edge metal processing for the manufacturing industry to structural steel installation... Read More

Industrial Gallery

Industrial Gallery... Read More

Full Metal Catalog

Full Metal Catalog Industrial MSI Catalog Specialty Metal Supplier MSI is the leading metal fabrication and stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum supplier in Los Angeles. With over 55 years of experience in the industry, we continue to lead the way in offering full-service metal supply and fabrication. Whether you... Read More
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