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Sheet Metal Fabrication In Los Angeles | How It Works

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles | How it Works

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles | How it Works

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles | How it Works

Look around Los Angeles, and you’ll see sheet metal fabrication has become popular. With modern technology, precision tools, and the right experience, it can be an economical and durable way to get the metal parts, components, and decorative fixtures you need, but is it right for you?

The short answer is, yes, sheet metal fabrication has a place in your plans if you use metal implements, machinery, or are looking for a durable and eye-catching visual element on your property. Some think that custom sheet metal fabrication is out of their price range, while others assume that making use of fabricated sheet metal is difficult. Let’s take a look at the modern sheet metal fabrication in Los Angeles and how it’s created.

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles | How it Works

Sheet metal fabrication processes have changed through the years, so what the term entails has also changed. At its core, sheet metal fabrication is the manipulation of metal sheets, often steel, to makes a specific creation from that sheet. In the past, this process was accomplished by skilled craftsmen using their muscles and simple machines to form the finished product. Modern sheet metal fabrication in Los Angeles is far different.

While some processes or materials may be completed by sheet metal technicians and artisans, with increasing frequency computers and automation are involved. The simple tools of the past have given way to carbide cutting tools, plasma cutters and welders, and precision control instruments. The results are beautiful, and despite how it sounds, it is very easy for a customer to realize their custom metal vision with the help of trained and professional metal fabricators like the team at MSI, Inc.

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles | How it Works

What Happens During Metal Fabrication?

What kind of techniques can be used to fabricate the metal? While there are many different techniques—and many different variations of those techniques—these are a few of the most popular Los Angeles sheet metal fabrication processes.
Cutting – Whether you need a smaller piece created or a larger piece that requires multiple shapes and joining, cutting is almost always involved in the fabrication process. This cutting can be done by mechanical methods, such as shearing with blades, punches, or cutting bits; or it can be accomplished with high-tech tools like lasers, plasma cutters, and water jets.
Joining – Simply put, this is making two pieces of metal into one. Joining is often done using welds, however, pieces can also be riveted, brazed, or even joined using an adhesive. The method of joining is largely determined by the piece’s intended use.
Bending And Shaping – The metal is bent using forms, rollers, and other bending apparatus. This can be accomplished by an automated machine or using manual bending apparatus to form the shape by hand.
Rough Finishing – Even before the project is done, some finishing may be done to remove metal burrs or rough edges. This can help the joining and improve the precision of other processes by giving a piece clean, straight lines.

What Is The Sheet Metal Fabrication Process?

Let’s take a look at the sheet metal fabrication process we use for our Los Angeles clients. This will help you better understand what goes into making custom metal creations.
Your Vision – It all starts with you and your needs for your project. Whether it is a safety cowl for industrial machinery or decoration to make your house stand out in the neighborhood, you have a need, and we have the tools and experience.
Drafting And Design – An experienced professional architect, engineer, or designer will begin the work of turning your need into a conceptual drawing. This drawing can take the form of blueprints, a simple artist’s concept, or can be rendered on a computer in three dimensions, allowing you to twist turn and manipulate the image.
Production Schematics – Once you approve the design, the process will begin to turn it into a form of instructions used by the shop. Traditionally, this was done by making more detailed blueprints or schematics with detailed measurements, several different views, and precise instructions. Now, these production schematics take the form of a computer file. Once the project is designed in a CAD program, it is coded in such a way that it can be fed directly to a CNC machine for creation.
Fabrication – The metal is formed using the above techniques. Some may be completed by fabricators using manual processes, while others may be completely automated, such as by a CNC machine. Your project, at this point, is coming to life.
Finishing – This entails making the raw fabrication into the final product. Depending on requirements, this can be as simple as deburring or may involve polishing, coating, or other techniques to make the piece ready for display or assembly.

What Are The Benefits Of Sheet Metal Fabrication?

For the cost-conscious Los Angeles business, sheet metal fabrication can be a great way to get a distinctive look, have a custom component produced, or offer a small batch or one-off product to clients. If your business or building uses or could use metal, there’s a place for sheet metal fabrication with you. Sheet metal fabrication gives you the right part for the right money.

How Do I Pick A Sheet Metal Fabrication Partner In Los Angeles?

Finding professional sheet metal fabrication in Los Angeles can be difficult. You need someone who can supply the parts you need at the right price and deliver them on time. That takes experience, a reliable supply chain, and a professional demeanor. That’s where we come in.

For 55 years, our team at MSI, Inc. has been the most trusted sheet metal fabrication company in the greater Los Angeles area. Our work has helped create a skyline famous worldwide. We believe in customer service and bringing your metal concepts to fruition. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.

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