Certified Steel Fabrication and Welding Services for Bakersfield, California

For over 50 years, MSI has been offering quality custom fabrication solutions and on-site construction when it comes to structural steel and fabrication.

We’re the trusted name in metal fabrication services in Bakersfield.

From workshop detailing and steel supply to full site installation, you can count on us for a thorough and complete customized service for any job, no matter the size or scope. We serve major industries including:

  • Commercial and industrial construction.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Plant repair and maintenance.

What We Offer:

Certified Steel Fabrication and Welding Services for Bakersfield

We have invested in cutting edge quality assurance and quality control systems that allow us to maintain our impressive record of service dependability.

Our 75,000 square foot facility enables us to deliver exceptional services that our clients have come to trust for custom and innovative metal fabrication and structural steel supply in Bakersfield. We offer services including:

  • Project consultation and planning.
  • Light, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy structural steel and aluminum products.
  • Structural steel fabrication, as per AWS and AISC standards.
  • Custom detailing and drafting.
  • Finishing, including coating and galvanizing.
  • On-site construction.

Whatever services you need, consult with our skilled and experienced staff to discuss your project requirements.

A Modern, Well-Equipped Factory

Our modern factory ensures that we have the capacity and precision to complete a broad range of projects, both in our facility and on-site.

Precision tools like Voortman-V304 for precision plasma and oxy-fuel cutting combined with our in-house large capacity cranes for moving, processing, and delivering steel and aluminum products enable us to provide steel supply and metal fabrication in Bakersfield at a realistic cost.

Equipped with state-of-the-art tooling and machinery, MSI is able to complete even the most complex projects you have in mind.

Call us today at 800-400-6382 to discuss your project needs.