Exceptional Steel Fabrication for Berkeley, California

Metal Fabrication & Structural Steel Supply in Berkeley

MSI is a California-based metal fabrication and supply company specializing in the creation of innovative, high-quality, and distinctive custom-made metalwork. From our turnkey service in the high-end residential construction market to our reputable steel fabrication and distribution services for the industrial market like production facilities, refineries, and factories, we are your number one choice for metal fabrication in Berkeley, CA.

Why Choose MSI?

We help you manufacture solutions with engineering excellence and reliability. Our proud record of metal fabrication and structural steel supply in Berkeley, CA stretches over 50 years. We have the best-skilled fabricators who are committed to delivering the highest quality of steel and aluminum products. As a steel fabrication and supply company, we are committed to environmental safety, cost-effective production, and smooth operations.

At MSI, our key aim is to always exceed the expectations of our residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Talk to our industry experts for the best solutions in design, laser cutting, forming, assembly, metal supply, and precision metal fabrication in Berkeley.

Exceptional Steel Fabrication for Berkeley, California

Our Approach to Excellence

Over the years, we’ve continued to expand into a full-service industrial and construction center for metal fabrication and structural steel supply in Berkeley. We have achieved this by focusing on precision, quality control, and quality assurance. With our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, you can be sure of getting the best metal fabrication, processing, quality finishing and delivery at MSI.

Do you want an experienced contractor for your metal installation needs? Check our ongoing structural steel installation project for Nucor premanufactured building. Want specialized metal fabrication for various applications? We manufacture custom-made steel for industrial use, such as cell towers and poles, metal platforms and ladders, crane mounts, and gas recovery projects.

Get in-house design assistance and detailing from MSI and guarantee on-time deliveries for all your metal fabrication projects in Berkeley.

Call us today at 800-400-6382 to speak with one of our expert metal fabricators and discover how we can help you!