AISC Certification

Top Notch Quality

High grade, top quality, and superior service to their clients is what MSI is best known for. The company is a member of the American institution of Steel Construction (AISC). This company is an AISC certified fabricator in Los Angeles, California. They have met and far exceeded the stipulations that is set by AISC for companies who want to become members.

AISC certification requires a strenuous set of standards be met before a company can become certified.

Quality standards, well trained staff, and customer satisfaction are three of MSI’s important concerns.

The Distinctive Difference: AISC Certification

MSI is detail oriented in all parts of their operation. All their employees receive quality training to ensure they can perform their job duties expertly. Inspections are continually being completed by the employees so any errors will be prevented when discovered rather than becoming a problem later.

Corrective actions are taken right away when needed. MSI makes sure that all their documents and data are precise and all quality records are safely stored.
A general list of the core quality criteria for an AISC certified fabricator are focused on:

  • Management Responsibility
  • Contract & Spec Review
  • Detailing
  • Document & Data Control
  • Control of quality records
  • Purchasing
  • Material Identification
  • Process Control (bolting, welding, etc.)
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Calibration of Equipment
  • Control of non-conformance
  • Corrective Action
  • Handling & Storage
  • Training
  • Internal Audit

Seasoned Experts: AISC Certification

With 55 years of experience, MSI has top-notch management and a professionally well trained team of employees. They are constantly evaluating their equipment, supplies, and finished products to ensure that they meet MSI’s strict requirements.

As an AISC certified fabricator, MSI has exhibited the knowledge, commitment, and showed the ability to produce quality finished products every time.

MSI uses only up-to date equipment with the latest technology. Our company’s commitment is to provide only the best highest quality fabrication services to its customers.

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