Los Angeles Fabricator License: Quality Control

After passing the stringent pre-qualifying phase followed by an assessment of the company’s facilities, MSI became a LADBS fabricator.

The facility and equipment held up to a thorough inspection.

The quality assurance and quality control process also made the cut.

Employees then went through a testing process. It is not an easy task to get the Los Angeles Fabricator License.

Starting in 1961, the company passed each step and progressed through the process.

This means the company can provide structural steel in the jurisdiction controlled by the Los Angeles Department of building and safety.

Los Angeles Fabricator LicenseLos Angeles Fabricator License

Resistant Building Material

  • Metal supply is licensed to transport structural steel to the Los Angeles area, an area that is prone to devastating earthquakes.
  • One of the United States toughest earthquake codes is in effect in this area.
  • Only the highest quality building materials can be used here.
  • With professional workmanship and only the highest quality material MSI meets all the qualifications stipulated in the code.

Standards of Service: Los Angeles Fabricator License

High quality service and extensive experience in fabrication has led MSI to be a top LADBS fabricator.

Structural steel must stand up to nature and the elements.

Through research, development and an up-to-date equipment and processes only the highest quality steel products are made.

Being a licensed LADBS shows that MSI operation has in the past and is now unprecedented in its standard of service to the employees and clients.

Customers can be assured of professional services and the exclusive use of high quality material, with every detail thoroughly inspected before delivery.


Los Angeles Fabricator License

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Plan Check Workload and Performance

  1. Development Services Counter Transactions
  2. Total Plan Check
  3. Building Plan Check
  4. Electrical Plan Check
  5. Mechanical Plan Check
  6. New Grading Reports
  7. Resubmitted Grading Reports
  8. Zoning Subdivision Cases
  9. Preliminary Plan Check
  10. Solar e-Permits Issued
  11. Appointment Plan Check
  12. Expanded Counter Plan Check
  13. Test Lab
  14. Engineering Research