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When approaching your project, it is crucial to know the type of steel that is best suited for your needs. Different types of steel manufacturing can produce material that performs better for the specific applications. The cold & hot rolled steel manufacturing methods specifically have a great effect on the overall performance of the steel.

Prior knowledge of distinctions between the two methods can help your company save on time, raw material cost, and additional processing. This article aims to explain the differences between cold and hot rolled steel and discuss the advantages (and limitations) of each.

NOTE: Hot-rolling and cold-rolling should not be mistaken for different grades of steel. Steels of different grades can be produced as hot-rolled or cold-rolled.

Premium Structural Steel Fabrication Services

At MSI, we provide the exact type, form and quantity of steel you need for your structural needs. Whether you need hot rolled flat steel to cold rolled steel, we have a skilled team of craftsmen ready to cut, roll, shear, machine or edge structural steel based on your design and fabrication requirements.

We pre-process your steel to your specifications and deliver when and where you need it. Buy flat rolled steel sheets from our 75, 000 sq. ft warehouse, equipped with modern materials handling and processing equipment.

Hot & Cold Rolled Steel – Flat Rolled Sheet Steel Fabricators

A Variety of Structural Steel Products

When it comes to delivering commercial-quality steel products that are critical in completing metal fabrication projects, we are your number one source for flat rolled sheets, hot rolled sheets, cold rolled steel sheets, steel plates and coated steel sheets. Our steel products are used in a wide range of industries.

  • Cold rolled steel sheets – Used in fabrication projects that require high precision, such as domestic applications. Cold rolled sheet products are superior in tolerance, straightness and offer a superior surface finish.
  • Hot rolled steel sheets – Used in the construction and welding industries. Can be formed and shaped easily and be made in larger sizes. Used in projects that don’t require precise shapes, tolerance or superior finishing. Manufactured without any delays in the process, thus cheaper than cold rolled sheets.

Choose MSI

Have a steel fabrication project in the early planning stages? Need quick turnaround for flat rolled sheets? With our full-service steel fabrication capabilities, MSI is able to meet even the most demanding project requirements and schedules.

  • Save money with our fast, one-stop service for metal requirements
  • Over 50 years of technical know-how in structural steel fabrication
  • On-time delivery of metal products, at your receiving dock, every time
  • State-of-the-art metal fabrication equipment

Depend on us for all your metal fabrication needs at MSI. Our aim is to supply all your steel requirements, pre-processed to meet your specifications and delivered on time according to your schedule.

Whether you need hot or cold rolled steel supply or have questions about our specific steel products, contact us today or visit our flat rolled sheet section.

Hot & Cold Rolled Steel – Flat Rolled Sheet Steel Fabricators

Hot & Cold Rolled Steel | Flat Rolled Sheet Steel Fabricators