Tee Splitting Services

Get the structural supports you need for your next building project with our custom tee splitting services. At MSI, we can cut a beam along the web to your specifications, giving you a strong, stable tee for your construction.

Thanks to our dedicated transportation fleet, your tees can be delivered directly to the jobsite when they’re needed, avoiding costly construction delays and storage solutions that eat into your budget.

Our professional metal fabricators are ready to make sure the structural tees are ready to meet your high building standards.

Tee SplittingHow Are Structural Tees Fabricated?

With our services, we start with structural beams of the highest quality.

We rotary shear the web of the beam, giving you a smooth, even cut that does not put additional stresses on the rest of the member.

As the beams are cut, they tend to bow or twist due to internal stresses, so we roll straighten them to give you structural tees that are straight and true.

At that point, unless further fabrication is ordered, they are stacked to await transport from our dedicated fleet.

Tee Splitting Services

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When you need materials you can trust to be on time and to your specifications, call our customer service team at 800-400-6382 or email us at info@msistructuralsteel.com. Get your materials and tee splitting services from MSI, Inc., today.