Trepanning Services | MSI, Inc.
Trepanning ServicesWhen you need a large-diameter hole, you need our custom trepanning services. Our professional craftspeople create large, precise holes to fit your specifications, and can even set grooves for materials such as O-rings. Contracting with us guarantees you get all the benefits of both our decades of experience and our state-of-the-art machinery.

It’s a great value for your dollar and much preferable for getting the results you want without the huge expense of setting up and staffing your own custom machine shop.

Groovy Results

Our trepanning services create large diameter holes by removing material in the appropriate radius.

It can also be a great way to set grooves in existing trepanned materials.
Trepanning Services
Whether you need a one-off piece or have a large order, we have the tools and talented staff to get the job done. We can even deliver it directly to the job site using our dedicated transport fleet for just-in-time delivery, keeping your storage overhead lower.

Get results delivered on your schedule! It’s a great way to get the job done while staying under budget.

Trepanning Services | MSI, Inc.

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Professional builders need professional workmanship in their materials.

That’s why so many of the top construction experts in Los Angeles choose us. Email us today at or call our customer service line at 800-400-6382. Our specialists will be happy to talk to you about what professional metal fabrication services can do for you. Get your metals and metal trepanning services from MSI, Inc., today.