What Is Metal Fabrication?What Is Metal Fabrication?
In the center of Los Angeles, skyscrapers reach skyward, giving their occupants a stunning view over the city skyline while helping fit more homes and offices into our great metropolis. An empty lot is transformed into a thriving commercial enterprise, the transformation taking mere months before a new, modern steel building welcomes customers. Popular sky bridges make travel easier for workers. Safety rails and cages keep workers safer on job sites. Trained, professional metal fabricators make all this possible with the help of technology, but what is metal fabrication?

The Process of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication at its most basic, is the manipulation of metal to create. Technicians take the raw material, often in the form of either metal bars, beams, or plates, and manipulate it to form structures, buildings, or even machines. They do this by cutting, forming, drilling, stretching, welding, and other disciplines to create the needed shapes from parameters provided by designers, engineers, and architects.

Welders, blacksmiths, boilermakers, and machinists are just a few of the disciplines you’ll find shaping industry and commerce by shaping the metal that houses and drives them. While every discipline may not be needed for a project, many projects will require a range of techniques to complete. This has lead to metal fabrication becoming an increasingly specialized field.

What Is Modern Metal Fabrication?

Modern metal fabrication would be largely recognizable to metalworkers in the past, even if the methods and speed of today’s processes would seem foreign. Today, many metal fabrication jobs are completed with the aid of computers and automation. Thanks to technology like CNC machines, an engineer can design the needed material to tight tolerances, encoding the specifications in a computer file. That file is then fed into a machine that manipulates the needed metal to create a finished product.

There is still plenty of work available, however, for skilled technicians to shape metal. Projects that have parameters outside a computer’s ability, either due to size, complexity, or capacity, are completed using welders, lathes, hammers, drills, and any number of other tools. There is no limit to what metal fabrication artisans can create for industrial, commercial, or residential use.

Common Uses of Metal Fabrication

Construction -One of the more common uses of metal fabrication is in the construction of buildings. Metal structures can be almost entirely created off-site, shaped and formed for easy assembly prior to being delivered to a building site. These pre-manufactured buildings offer an economical way to build warehouses and factories in the layout they need with less construction time.Many larger buildings rely on steel beams as a framework.

Steel beams are strong and versatile. Modern fabrication uses CNC machines to process beams off-site, cutting and drilling them precisely to the architect’s design. This allows for custom constructed buildings that fit together precisely and can be assembled far quicker than if measured and processed on site.

What Is Metal Fabrication?
Custom Components -Skilled metal fabricators can create replacement components for machinery, safety cages, bridges, and any other metal part needed. These can be functional projects, such as supports or driveshafts, or decorative features, such as wrought iron fences and precision cut fascia. Metal is a durable, lasting material that technicians can craft to fit a wide range of specifications.

Metal fabrication allows for the economical production of one-offs and custom creations. This approach negates the expense of large production runs.

Instead, you can work directly with an experienced professional for exactly the piece you need.

Safety On The Job Site -Some of the most rewarding metal fabrication projects are custom safety features that help keep workers safe. Tubing, mesh, and plate can be used to mitigate safety risks in a variety of commercial and industrial enterprises. Whatever the space requirements, a custom solution can be created specific to the task.

Safety cages are perfect to give your cash handlers a secure environment to handle receipts or keep hands away from blades and bits.

Guard rails help make movement around larger machines safer. Sky bridges can be built to allow workers to easily move between upper floors of building or towers without risking their safety. Metal fabrication can help you make sure that every team member goes home safe every day.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Around The House -Despite the myriad of commercial and industrial uses, many people never consider what it is that metal fabrication can do for them at home. By incorporating metal into your DIY projects and “honey-dos” you get better results in less time that last far longer.

Thanks to the custom nature of metal fabrication, it’s perfect for home use.

Pre-manufactured buildings make great sheds and workshops.

Tree houses can be built with more elaborate floor plans while maintaining their structural integrity when supported by fabricated metal poles or beams. Your carport or deck could be constructed to withstand the worst Mother Nature offers, while still adding attractive value to your home.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

What Is The Benefit Of Metal Fabrication To Me?

If you operate a business, metal fabrication can help you.

The ability to order structures or components and have them professionally manufactured is a big advantage when taking on the competition. It makes sustainable growth easier and cheaper.

Forming a solid partnership with a company experienced in metal fabrication is almost essential.

Your Metal Fabrication Experts

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